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” It’s often just enough to be with someone. I don’t need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both.
You’re not alone…”

-Marilyn Monroe
From David’s Inferno

“We don’t need depression to be creative or spiritual. At the same time, we are creative and spiritual even when in its grasp. That creativity and spirituality may not be apparent to the world, or even to ourselves, but it’s there.”

 From David’s Inferno


In Florence, at the Marino Marini Museum.
Photo credit: Wendy O’Connell



“The sun bathes all of us in vibrations from which we extract nourishment, gather information, make connections with other beings, and get a helluva tan.”

From The Secret Life of Carrots

“Here’s the deal,” he says, making a dismissive gesture to get me out of the chair. “I came here 2500 years ago to jump-start spirituality and you people are still driving the same beat-up old vehicles.”

From The Power of Not Now 

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“How can you be free until you understand that the other is doing exactly what they need to be doing and has just as much right to do so as you?”
-Harriet Tubman
From Waking the Dead in Real Time


“Every germination is a microcosm of creation itself, a little big bang… there are massive amounts of germinating energy in the universe at every moment. Why, in the time you’ve read this sentence, more seeds have germinated than you could ever count.”

From The Secret Life of Carrots 


“I’m not trying to disparage any form of healing. On the contrary, I’m trying to address the underlying assumptions that lead some people to have feelings of failure they have when they ‘resort’ to western medicine; as well as the dismissiveness or even scorn other patients face when they try an ‘unproven’ complementary treatment”

From David’s Inferno

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