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Brattleboro Literary Festival
October 15, 2011

David Blistein & Ken Burns

© Photo Beowulf Sheehan




Waking the Dead in Real Time is inspired by conversations Ken Burns and I have been having since we first met in college 40 years ago. The book features several of my ”interviews” with historical characters, including Chopin and Harriet Tubman.

48pp. 7″ x 9¼” $30

Watch Trailer.

In Real Time, historical characters appear in my everyday life to reflect on their past and how they see the world now. In Ken’s documentaries, he provides a new way to understand American history by delving deeply into the experiences and emotions of truly extra-ordinary people from the past. We are both committed to bringing history to life today, in the hopes that by feeling our past as well as knowing it, we can better understand human nature and—who knows?—maybe write some brand new stories.

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