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Advance Praise:

What a fun read! Deeply rooted in “green spirituality,” the deeply caring God of Carrots offers penetrating wit and wisdom on every page. Who knew there was a guru in the garden?”

– Cheryl Wilfong, Author of
The Meditative Gardener     

 I always knew carrots tasted good…but I had no idea how smart and funny they could be.

– Tom Bodett, Author & Humorist.
Panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.


The Secret Life of Carrots.

The God of Carrots (a.k.a. Doc) spills the culinary and horticultural beans as he takes readers on a wild ride up and down the food chain. In the process, he offers:

  • A global perspective on the locavore movement.
  • Culinary, horticultural, and historical tips.
  • Insights into implications of vegan diets for the future of food. 
  • Recipes for a 13-course carrot-inspired dinner!
  • An up-close-and personal view of what it’s like to be the nose of a snowman. 
Foodies, gardeners, chefs, biologists, botanists, ecologists, and aging hippies may know a lot about nature in general and food in particular. But now, for the first time, they can get the inside scoop straight from the source.

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