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My mission is to give voice to new ways of looking at history, psychology, spirituality, and nature. I try to offer relatively profound new ideas in a disarmingly lighthearted way. I have no intention of challenging anyone’s existing beliefs. Rather, I’m interested in questioning traditional assumptions in order to reveal refreshingly different perspectives.

David's Inferno. Coming March 2013 from Hatherleigh Press.David’s Inferno: My Journey Through the Dark Woods of Depression. (March 2013.) A memoir of my major depressive breakdown from 2005 – 2007, including overviews of both conventional and alternative treatments and the impact of depression on creativity and spirituality. Order.

Waking The Dead

Waking the Dead. Excerpts from “Real Time” (below) and an essay on history by Ken Burns. Signed, Limited Edition. 48pp. 7″ x 9″ $20

This Is Your Brain on Drugs:
The Adolescent’s Guide to Feeling Weird and the Drugs You Take to Cope. Including brain basics, an overview of adolescent mental-health “disorders” and the psychotropics they take—everyday, prescription, and illegal (i.e., from sugar to heroin)…including my experiences with virtually all of them.

A Field Guide to Prescription Medicines. An extremely readable, factual, and irreverent explanation of how the drugs we take work. Or don’t.

Huh…The Wisdom of a Wide Open Mind: For anyone who feels frustrated, inadequate, or simply stuck in their religious, self-help or spiritual path (i.e., just about all of us.)


Real Time. Historical characters appear in my life and turn my understanding of everything from war and sexuality to evolution and reincarnation totally upside down.

Secret Life of CarrotsA first-person Botany of Desire, The Secret Life of Carrots reveals how vegetables are continually working with humans to help us all be all we can be—and have been since the earliest days of food cultivation. The ultimate foodie book!

The Power of Beyond Now.  Six months before he dies, my best friend confesses that he’s the Buddha and that it’s time for spirituality to evolve.

Writing Asides
A series of essays about the things I do when I’m not writing, and how they influence me when I do.
Mad Liberation. A young woman struggles to understand the fundamental stories we all share.