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This record of a writing life, a talented man’s self-examination, a marriage, all enduring the scalding tides those beset by depression know, stands out particularly for its articulated wisdom and graceful prose. It is plain-spoken, funny, at times almost heartbreaking. But insight is what gets us all by and the most insightful writing is always help in need. David’s Inferno, with its wit and thoughtfulness, is a gift to be cherished.

         — Robert Stone, Winner of the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize Nominee

No hushed reverence, no self-aggrandizing, no simple tried and true cures… just a shared battle and a stunning honesty.

— Will Ackerman, Grammy Award winner and Founder of Windham Hill Records

Beyond the obvious—that it’s a travelogue of an emotional journey, a “Fodor’s Guide” to the troubled soul—the great insight of David’s Inferno is that life and literature are interwoven, that we can look to even ancient books for wisdom, diagnoses, and hope.  Blistein’s frenetic, torturous—and surprise, funny!—tale offers all three in just the proper dosages.

— J.C. Hallman, author of Wm & H’ry: Literature, Love, and the Letters Between William and Henry James.  

This wonderful book is actually fun to read! Which is surprising considering the subject matter—the author’s journey through depression, including his reflections on how relationships can be affected. The tone is warm and compassionate, often hilarious, and full of hope and encouragement. If you love someone who is depressed (or who you think might be), read this book.

— Caroline Carr, author Living with Depression – How to Cope When Your Partner Is Depressed

Why would I want to read so much about another person’s life except that it’s self-revealing, honest, illuminated with humor, and urgent. It has a reason for being; a perfect storm of a book.

— Kabir Helminski, Shaikh of the Mevlevi Order of Sufism and Co-Director of the Threshold Society  

From Plato to Plath, the great literary minds of our era have written about the descent into madness, but only one book both chronicles and heals, providing us a helping hand while also promising that we are not alone: David Blistein’s David’s Inferno. For anyone searching for meaning in this fragmented world, this profound, brilliant, compellingly fresh memoir is your siren call home. Don’t miss it.

— Suzanne Kingsbury, author of The Summer that Fletcher Greel Loved me and The Gospel According to Gracie

There are times when it seems that the storms will never end, that the vortex of madness will devour all hope—but there is tomorrow, and this the story and promise of David Blistein’s David’s Inferno.

—Dr. Michael Conforti, Jungian Analyst and Founder/Director of The Assissi Institute 

David takes us on the many journeys, twists and turns while discovering that such a complex diagnosis requires an equally complicated bio-psycho-social approach to healing…an honest, sophisticated and important chronicle which each and every one of us can use in helping to cope with our delicate human condition.

—Peter Tomashow MD, Medical Director of Psychiatry, Central VT Medical Center, Asst Professor at Dartmouth Medical School

InfernoforDBwebsiteDavid’s Inferno combines personal narrative and literary references with practical information, including explanations of diagnoses, prescription drugs and alternative therapies. It also discusses the impact of depression on relationships, creativity, and spirituality, along with reflections on Dante’s Divine Comedy. It’s a literary memoir combined with important insights for people who are depressed, as well as their friends and family.

Hatherleigh Press: March 2013
304 pages  $16.95Order a your Local Independent bookstoreBarnes & Noble, Hatherleigh Press, or Amazon

The Wit and Wisdom of Neurotransmitters

A presentation at the University of Vermont – May 2012 

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